Blankets or Rope as Busbar Sealings?

While you are producing aluminium you are wonder should I use blankets or rope as busbar sealings? To prevent material from escaping the pre-shaped slot in the cathode during the applying of the cast-iron, one can use either pieces of  rope or blanket strips to seal of the gaps between bar and slot.

As the aluminium industry strongly prefers non-ceramic materials it is why this article will feature non-ceramic materials, although ceramic products are available upon request.

Busbar Sealings for anode baking and molten aluminium processes


Blankets can be die-cutted into various dimensions, providing a tailor-made solution for your bus bar. These die-cutted parts will be placed at the beginning and the end of the bus bar. To prevent the blanket strips from folding inwards it is recommended to apply tape in order to secure the contraption.


To use a blanket as a busbar seal, it is recommanded to use at least 128 kg/m3 of density for your blanket and a thickness of around 19-25 mm for a proper seal.

Busbar Sealing blankets or rope as busbar sealings, Insulcon, Keramab.


Ropes are made from flexible materials which makes them easier to place into the shapes of the bus bars. The ropes will stay up right in the bus bar they can be placed by hand and will stay up right due to the firm material.

Anode Busbar Sealing with the use of a rope in primary aluminium production.

This image is an example of a busbar rope sealing. The actual sealing might be altered.


For the material of the ropes we advise you to use Isofrax® Rope. This material is available in the diameter sizes of 3-50 mm which fits perfectly with every dimension of bus bar. The material is mechanically stronger than the blankets resulting in a firmer material.


Bus bar seals can be produced in all kinds of shapes and thicknesses. With an in-house machine park we are able to facilitate you with either options. Both blankets and ropes could be valid options as bus bar seals.

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