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    We are continuously searching for, and developing new systems, products and services in order to provide our customers with the best solution for each high temperature application. 

    • Renaming of Keramab N.V. to Insulcon N.V.

      keramab news

      Keramab N.V. is a successful company within the Insulcon Group since its acquisition in 1996. In recent years, Keramab's product range has expanded so much that it is a logical step to also align the company names within our group. This creates clarity in the market.
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    • "high efficiency and CO2 reduction” meets “using the high temperature sealing materials” in the domestic market


      Consumers are becoming more energy conscious. The demand for domestic products that are more energy efficient and so produce less CO2, is getting bigger than ever before. An important product in this perspective is the domestic condensing boiler.  
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    • Refractory repairs with Insulmould®

      Insulmould nieuwe verpakking 19 03 2020 klein

      During the years, refractories can crack or spall for a variety of reasons, such as volume changes, expansions or even due to operational factors. For these type of general refractory repairs, the Insulcon Group developed a complete range of Insulmould® mouldables; a versatile product. Typical applications are for example hot and cold patching of refractory cracks, filling up expansion joints, patching around burner blocks, collector bar sealing (significantly reducing oxidation of the cathode) and sealing up gaps.
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    • High temperature solutions for gas, wood, oil and bio-fuel fired stoves

      ResizedImage220165 Industry Domestic

      As a well known supplier of high temperature solutions in the OEM industry of the domestic appliances, we gained a lot of experience in specific applications. The Gas, wood, oil and bio-fuel fired stove market is one of our focus areas. We have a complete range of products suitable for the specific stove and hearth applications. They are manufactured in our production facilities located in The Netherlands (Insulcon/Steenbergen) and Belgium (Keramab/Temse).
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    • Insulcon demoulder gaskets

      Demoulder gasket Nr. 1cut

      The Insulcon demoulder gasket is a packing, produced by braiding several types of yarns to form a round, somewhat flexible endless gasket ring, covered evenly with wire mesh. The gaskets are being produced in our modern production facilities in Temse, Belgium known as KERAMAB N.V.
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    • 10 Proven Benefits for Cryogel® Insulation

      Man standing on Cryogel Z material

      Cryogel® insulation has been trusted by the world's 25 largest refining companies. This begs the question of: why do they use it? This article will cover 10 reasons why companies use this specific insulation material for their cryogenic applications.
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    • 2 Proven Marine and Offshore passive fire protection solutions

      Marine vessel and offshore platform

      Insulcon can provide you with passive fire protection solutions and other high temperature resistant systems for the marine and offshore industry. This article will cover solutions for insulation applications in the marine and offshore industry. We would like to give you an impression of solutions we can help you with.
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    • For now and the future, are you aware of our high temperature resistant GPE gaskets for condensing boilers! 


      Do you know how crucial it is to use the right gaskets in a central heating boilers and high efficiency condensing boilers! To get the highest efficiency from a boiler, Insulcon B.V. has developed GPE gaskets. Our GPE gaskets are made of a special heat resistant material with a unique impregnation that is developed in-house. Due to this unique design, our gaskets have a low gas permeability and are also water repellent. This gasket fits perfectly between a heat exchanger and combustion chamber. 
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    • Insulfrax® 1300 HT Blanket and Insulfrax® 1300 HT Anchor-Loc® Modules

      Insulfrax 1300 HT Cyclists riding over blankets

      Insulfrax® 1300 HT Blanket and Insulfrax® 1300 HT Anchor-Loc® Modules 
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    • Insulation for your aluminium production in 2021

      Insulation for your aluminium production in 2021

      Get a head start on insulation for your aluminium production in 2021.  The Insulcon Group is providing high temperature solutions for melting, holding, transport and casting processes.
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    • Insulvac vacuum formed products up to 1600°C

      Insulvac vauum formed products

      Insulate your complex shapes with our Insulvac® vacuum formed products! - Available in qualities up to 1600°C.
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    • Prevent overheated process tubes with Refrex® Heatshields

      16 Refrex Heathield 01

      Our Refrex® Heatshields are designed to prevent hot spots on process tubes. The Refrex® fabric is made out of endless high temperature fibers, able to withstand the conditions in petrochemical heaters and furnaces.
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    • A special refractory energy-saving, reflective coating!


      Rising energy costs and the need to reduce CO2 emissions are major considerations with regards to thermal processing.
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    • Do you want to insulate your industrial oven or stove in a quick and easy way?


      Then use our fibre modules, the ideal solution!
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    • Custom cut Aerogel and papers

      IMG 1151

      Recently we have added a brand-new slit machine to our production which enables us to custom cut Aerogel and papers. We mainly use this machine for our various papers and Aerogel insulation blankets. We are able to cut rolls of paper to your specifications and roll them up into small rolls Besides paper, we can also cut our Aerogel insulation blankets into the desired dimensions and roll them into various sizes.
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    • Get to know our Ecomab® products!

      Ecomab Textiel

      We manufacture our Ecomab® products at our production facility in Temse. You can use our products as door seals for boilers, ovens and reformers, as oven trolley seals and in inspection hatches.
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    • In-house production – Quality – Stock management

      DJI 0278 verkleind

      The Insulcon Group is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the international refractory market. With 40 years of experience in high temperature resistant materials, we developed a complete range of services, which we can offer you, such as: 
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    • Wearflex® Dynamic Seals


      We design our Wearflex® Dynamic Seals to prevent ambient air from entering the thermal process. Cold air ingress may reduce efficiency of the process and creates unsafe or unstable conditions.
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    • Using the right high temperature resistant refractory insulation, means less energy- and heat loss!

      Cryogel Z

      Periodically check to maintain the efficiency of your insulation is essential for all stakeholders. To carry out preventive maintenance means to increase productivity, reliability and the overall lifetime of your insulation. After all, inadequate insulation is one of the reasons the energy bill will be higher than usual.
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    • COVID-19 Statement

      covid 19 small

      COVID-19 is spreading across the globe and this has consequences for all of us. Within the Insulcon Group, we put the safety of our staff and partners first. We have taken various precautions within our group to create a safe working environment in spite of the circumstances.
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    • Why you should cover your industrial boilers. Wearflex® boiler covers

      cover which can be placed on a boiler to prevent radiation heat to other areas

      Wearflex® boiler covers are perfect for industrial boilers with heat or heat components. Wearflex® boiler covers prevent the radiation of heat towards the surrounding components of boilers and provide personal protection for the people working with or in the surroundings of the boilers. The application is mainly used in Domestic Appliances but could also be used in other industries where the cover would be used to insulate a certain area. 
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    • Fyrewrap® LT Blankets for marine and offshore applications


      FyreWrap® LT Blanket are flexible 1200°C AES (LBP) wool insulation blankets designed to provide lightweight passive fire protection for marine and offshore applications, such as bulkheads, decks, wall penetration and process piping. The passive fire protection properties minimizes the risks of fires, even if workers are operating in severe conditions. Check out our full brochure here!
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