The Insulcon Group

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  • LT Boiler Products

    The Insulcon Group has a complete range of low thermal insulation products for boilers, such as:

    Expanded graphite gasket

    This gasket, with a maximum working temperature of 650°C, replaces a double gasket usage. It is produced according to the standards of DIN 28091 and the management quality controls of standard ISO UNI EN9001/2008. The production process enables low tooling costs.

    EPDM pipes

    EPDM pipes show excellent behaviour on condensing acid water. Another advantage are low tooling costs.

    PET felt thermal and acoustic insulation.

    PET felt is often used in gas boiler and compressor applications. It has a good thermal and acoustic insulation. Produced conform Class 1FR.

    PE Foam Insulation cover

    This customized “click in assembly” fits to reduce air leakage in condensing boilers. It has good thermal insulation value and conform to Class 1FR.

    Insulation cover

    This low thermal customized insulation cover is available in various qualities - special foam with a woven cover for example.