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  • Non-ferrous industry - Dross press procedure

    Insulcon has developed a solution to keep the dross pans clean during the dross pressing procedure.

    The handling of dross is an unfortunate but necessary activity in any aluminium cast house. One technology designed to cool dross and maximize metal recoveries is the dross press. By pressing and rapidly cooling the dross, molten aluminium falls into the mould below through holes/ openings in the bottom of the pan. To keep the holes/ openings clean of the drains, during dross pressing procedure, you can use our solution! Small improvements like this in dross recoveries can have a positive effect on plant profitability.

    Our solution offers the following advantages:

    - Non-wetting properties; Molten-Aluminium resistance.

    - High heat reflectance; saves energy and ensures a stable temperature level.

    - Thermal shock resistance; resists differences in temperature without losing physical properties.

    - Excellent corrosion resistance; no pollution of the metal.

    - Customized shapes and dimensions.

    Are you interested in our solution? Please let us know and we will provide you with more information.