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    Offshore platformPassive fire protection is a must in the marine and offshore industry. That's why The Insulcon group has a wide range of solutions. Typical applications are used in ship & offshore oil installations. The offshore industry sets very high requirements for safety and comfort. For both industries, fire hazards are of great concern and have therefore an important impact on the design and operation.

    Products and constructions used for passive fire protection must be tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of IMO 2010 FTP code.

    Passive fire protection measures, achieve their intended purpose by
    • Improving the fire resistance of the structure
    • Protecting the structure against the effects of fire
    • Reducing fire spread through secondary ignition
    • Limiting the movement of flame and smoke, and minimizing the danger of fire-induced collapse or structural distortion.

    The ultimate protection for installations and personnel, that can be applied in the Marine & Offshore sector are in our offering:

    -FyreWrap® LT Marine Blankets A, H and J rated systems

    FyreWrap® LT Marine Blankets provide lightweight insulation for steel and aluminium bulkheads and decks, that are used to build passenger and vehicle fast ferries, cruise ships, commercial and military vessels and also offshore oil platforms. FyreWrap® LT Marine Blankets are specifically designed to withstand severe conditions, such as cellulosic, hydrocarbon fuel and jet fires. They limit fire penetration and heat transfer.

    Thin, light weighted systems
    FyreWrap® bulkhead and deck systems have an exceptionally low weight. For example, an A60 steel deck (wide pin spacing) requires only 2.88 kg/m² of insulation.

    With up to 50% insulation weight savings, when compared with existing systems, significant vessel weight reduction using FyreWrap® LT Marine Blanket can be achieved. This leads to savings on the running costs from reduced fuel consumption and improved vessel efficiency. Due to the fact that FyreWrap® LT Marine Blankets do not contain binders, they will not generate smoke during a fire.

    When the insulation is used in areas exposed to weather or potential physical damage, protective coverings such as aluminium foil, glass cloth and weather protection or cladding are available.

    Passive fire protection certificates are available on request for several products and systems, such as HO Steel Bulkhead, H0 Steel Deck, H60 Steel Bulkhead, H60 Steel deck, etc.

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    Overview certificates  


    Please, inquire with our Sales department for the many possibilities. 

    More FyreWrap products

    Next to FyreWrap® LT Blankets, the Insulcon Group has a range of other products that can be applied in the marine and offshore sector:

    - FyreWrap® Cable Insulation

    FyreWrap® Cable Insulation is a thin, flexible, insulation wrap designed to provide a fire-protective enclosure around cable trays and conduit.

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    Wearflex® products 

    * Insulation Covers 

    Wearflex® insulation covers are pre-fabricated, insulation mattresses, applicable for the thermal and acoustics insulation of irregular and complex shapes, such as for example in engine rooms.

    * Q-Fire expansion bellows  

    Wearflex® Q-Fire expansion bellows are fireproof expansion bellows which were successfully tested. During these fire tests, the Wearflex® Q-Fire expansion bellow was exposed for 66 minutes (60 minutes +10%) to a simulated fire where the temperature rose to approx. 1000°C.



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     - High temperature resistant textiles

    In our plant in Belgium we manufacture a wide range of high temperature resistant textiles, such as e-glass, HT-glass, silica, ceramic fibre and LBP (low bio-persistence) fibre webbings, cloths, packings and (twisted) ropes (max. 1400°C).


     - Aerogel blankets (nanoporeus Super Insulation) 

    Pyrogel XTF s a high-temperature insulation blanket formed of silica gel and reinforced with a non-woven, high-temperature batting. Similar to Pyrogel XTE in composition, Pyrogel® XTF has been specially formulated to provide exceptional protection against fire.

    Cryogel® Z is a flexible aerogel blanket engineered to deliver maximum thermal protection with minimal weight and thickness, making it the first choice in cold conservation for the LNG market. Tested according to IMO 2010 FTP code Parts 2 & 5, UL1709 and OTI 95 634, Cryogel® Z is unmatched in sub-ambient, cold cycling and cryogenic applications. 

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