Custom cut Aerogel and papers

Recently we have added a brand-new slit machine to our production which enables us to custom cut Aerogel and papers. We mainly use this machine for our various papers and Aerogel insulation blankets. We are able to cut rolls of paper to your specifications and roll them up into small rolls Besides paper, we can also cut our Aerogel insulation blankets into the desired dimensions and roll them into various sizes.


We use our slit machine for a number of applications, including cutting paper to the desired size for production in the dental and domestic appliances industries. By cutting it in the right dimensions, it is easy to handle and therefore easy to handle for the producers. This makes the production process more efficient.
In addition to the slit machine, we have expanded and upgraded our machinery in the last couple of years. We have several CNC machines, waterjet cutters and 3D printers. Insulcon delivers application instructions this minimizes the work for operators saving you time. 


- The rolls are easier to handle as we roll them up tightly.
- You now have the possibility to purchase smaller rolls instead of large ones.

This enables us to keep our quality high and to deliver our products as quickly as possible. Need more information? Contact us!

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