Fyrewrap® LT Blankets for marine and offshore applications

FyreWrap® LT Blanket are flexible 1200°C AES (LBP) wool insulation blankets designed to provide lightweight passive fire protection for marine and offshore applications, such as bulkheads, decks, wall penetration and process piping. The passive fire protection properties minimizes the risks of fires, even if workers are operating in severe conditions. Check out our full brochure here!

Unifrax's fibre spinning technology combined with mechanical needling of the fibres eliminates the need for binders in the material which will not generate smoke during a fire. This material can withstand high tensile strength and superior thermal, acoustical and vibration resistance properties. Thereafter, these blankets can be used in A, N, H and J rated systems.

Professional facings

When the insulation is used in areas exposed to weather or potential physical damage, protective coverings such as aluminium foil, glass cloth and weather protection or cladding are able to protect the blanket. 

Offshore platform, Steel Deck, Yacht solutions


FyreWrap® LT Blankets provide fire protection insulation for a variety of rated assemblies on marine and offshore structures. Thin, ultra-lightweight systems combined with a flexible product form results in lower installation costs and significant weight savings. This gives designers the ability to design constructions which require lower amounts of support for insulation materials.

The builders are able to install the material much more easy saving labour costs. Owners also get benefits due to the reduced structure weight, which results in an increase in vessel speed, a reduction in fuel savings, and of top of that you are able to increase the amount of available payload. 

Simple application

The blankets can be applied with a pin and washer fixing system. These blankets can be used for thermal insulation, sound reduction, blast resistant and thinner insulation all in one material.  In the video below you are able to see the full application of onto the different surfaces.

Ease of Application Application Fyrewrap

FyreWrap® Cable Insulation

The FyreWrap® range can also be applied to insulate cables, this insulation provides thin, flexible, insulation wrap which is designed to insulate cable trays and conduit. 

Technical datasheet FyreWrap® Cable Insulation 


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List of certifications

Technical datasheet FyreWrap® LT 

Overview certificates 

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Fyrewrap LT Blanket - Insulcon - Keramab

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