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We manufacture our Ecomab® products at our production facility in Temse. You can use our products as door seals for boilers, ovens and reformers, as oven trolley seals and in inspection hatches.

Ecomab® products are resistant to chemicals and most acids. Because Ecomab® consists of low bio-persistent fibres; it does not fall under guideline GHS/CLP (Note Q). Therefore, labels and special precautions during processing, installation and packaging are not required.

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Our Ecomab® products are available in the following shapes:

 Ecomab® product  Average density  Colour  Basic composition  Melting point
Cabled fibre rope 400 kg/m3 Greenish Silica - Calcium > 1330°C
Cloth 500 kg/m3
Twisted rope 500 kg/m3
Braided sleeving 200 - 600 kg/m3
Braided packing 550 - 600 kg/m3
Webbing 500 - 850 kg/m3
Fibre rope 200 - 600 kg/m3 Depends on the overbraiding

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