Do you want to insulate your industrial oven or stove in a quick and easy way?

Then use our fibre modules, the ideal solution!


Did you know that we have a wide range of modules available in our delivery program?

Our advanced production facilities can produce standard and custom-made fibre modules, such as L-shaped modules, up to an application range of 1600°C.

Each module is manufactured with strips of blanket that are edged stacked or folded. The block is then compressed to achieve the desired final density. Using Insulcon modules you can easily install the full thickness lining of the furnace, ensuring a high-quality insulation system. A modular lining ensures low heat loss and storage, which increases the productivity and efficiency of your furnace. Our modules are specially designed for industrial furnace linings, suitable for high temperatures and gas velocities and can be supplied with various anchoring systems.

Our modules can be used in:Picture 2
* Petrochemical heaters, reformers and ethylene furnaces
* Ceramic kilns, rotary drying chambers
* Combustion furnaces
* Heat treatment furnaces
* Melting furnaces (roofs / walls)

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