Insulation for your aluminium production in 2021

Get a head start on insulation for your aluminium production in 2021.  The Insulcon Group is providing high temperature solutions for melting, holding, transport and casting processes.

These solutions will help you to improve the quality of your products, control your emission, reduce your heat loss and therefore save on your energy bill and improve efficiency. We provide solutions for a variety of processes within the Aluminium/Non-Ferrous industry. 

Tested crack repair mouldable

PromixSealer being applied to a launder joint.

Cleaning your launders could lead to damages. Insulcon provides a reparation solution for either small cracks or larger chips in launders. Try before you buy, FREE samples are available. ProMixSealer® covers the damages protecting it for the next wave of molten aluminium. The product is specially designed for the repair of hot and cold launder systems.

Proven solution for crucible lids

 Insulcon - HTTP Golden Super Rope - hittebestendige textielproducten koord

Tapping and transport processes are heavy-duty applications where high temperatures are involved. With the Golden Super® Rope you can extend the lifetime of the sealing in your crucible lid.

 The Golden Super® Rope reduces the number of seal replacements significantly compared to other materials, and it is splash proof against molten aluminium. 

Discover Fabric Launder Joints for tilting furnaces

 10 Wearflex Launderjoint 01

These Flexible Launder joints are easy to install and replace, so you can keep your production in full operation. The video will show you the movements of the Flexible launder joint, with molten aluminium running through the joint.


Best-selling non-wetting coating

 Insulcon - Boron Nitride Coating - boronnitride coating inside a bucket

 To prevent molten aluminium from sticking to the launders we deliver Boron Nitride coatings which can be used up to 850°C in oxidizing atmospheres.

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