"high efficiency and CO2 reduction” meets “using the high temperature sealing materials” in the domestic market

Consumers are becoming more energy conscious. The demand for domestic products that are more energy efficient and so produce less CO2, is getting bigger than ever before. An important product in this perspective is the domestic condensing boiler.  

The Insulcon Group is prepared for this. Through years of experience, Insulcon can meet any demand in the field of thermal issues for the OEM domestic boiler market, This results, among others, in the following high temperature insulation products: 


  • In-house engineering - R&D Support - Extensive CNC manufacturing facilities - High quality products - Modern warehouse, logistics facilities - High and reliable supply rate! 


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High temperature (glass)
fibre insulation
up to 1400°C

Used primarily in the combustion chamber insulation, the rigid characteristics of our low bio persistent boiler board (1200°C), flexible felts and papers provides an effective thermal insulation and strength at the same time. With a better insulation, you will have a better performance of your boilers and this reduces CO2 emissions. We can machine your boiler parts exactly according to your specifications.

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GPE gaskets

GPE gaskets are ready-to-use gaskets to seal the heat exchanger of high efficiency condensing boilers. Due to a special impregnation, the GPE gaskets are water repellent and do not create toxic fumes at high temperature exposure. Next to this they have minimum gas permeability. GPE gaskets, unlike other, maintain all their plastic elastic properties, even after high temperature exposure. This means that the GPE gaskets perform extremely well at high temperatures and moist environments. We can manufacture the gaskets exactly according to your specifications.


Click here to get a free sample of our GPE gasket! 

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 Ultimate ring seal (URS)

Ultimate ring seals (URS) are endless textile rope seals which are being used to seal the front plate of the heat exchanger. The unique endless construction of the URS (like a ring) does not need glue, stitching or tapes to fixate the ends. This avoids the typical problems which occur when using conventional seals like nodules, inaccurate dimensions and weak spots where the ends are merged. Next to this our URS have an unprecedented high tensile strength and high thermal resistance (up to 1250°C). A unique product available in various dimensions!


  • The above-mentioned products are only a small part of our extensive number of solutions for the OEM domestic boiler market.



The Wearflex® boiler cover is a special product within our product lines: 

Wearflex® boiler covers are perfect for industrial boilers with heat or heat components. Wearflex® boiler covers prevent the radiation of heat towards the surrounding components of boilers and provide personal protection for the people working with or in the surroundings of the boilers. The application is mainly used in Domestic Appliances but could also be used in other industries where the cover would be used to insulate a certain area. 

Personal protection as well as acoustic insulation

In addition to protection against high temperatures, our Wearflex® boiler covers also function as acoustic insulation (sound absorption). Composed of heat-resistant fabrics combined with one or several layers of insulation blanket. Wearflex® boiler covers offer excellent protection against high temperatures and noise. As a result, manufacturers of boilers can develop safe and low-noise appliances.

Wearflex® boiler covers have a durable construction and are custom-made designed to fit to all kind of shapes. They are easy to install and to remove, which makes boiler inspections easy. Depending on your specific wishes and parameters, we will design a boiler cover, which fits your personal application. If you have to insulate high temperature problem areas such as pipes, valves, pigtails, nozzles, pumps, but also to protect surrounding engine parts against radiation heat from the exhaust system, we highly recommend taking a look at this page.

All Wearflex® products are manufactured at our plant in Steenbergen (The Netherlands). 

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