2 Proven Marine and Offshore passive fire protection solutions

Insulcon can provide you with passive fire protection solutions and other high temperature resistant systems for the marine and offshore industry. This article will cover solutions for insulation applications in the marine and offshore industry. We would like to give you an impression of solutions we can help you with.

Products which are used for passive fire protection must be tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of IMO 2010 FTP code. On top of that you would need other tests to make sure products can be used in desired systems and applications.

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Discover certified systems

Insulcon provides IMO certified and passive fire protection for use in A, N, H, and J rated systems. These solutions will help you to with saving weight, meet safety requirements, and therefore you are able to create a better end product.

Certified Penetration Seals

These seals are developed and made by Insulcon. The seals were tested according to IMO Resolution MSC.307(88), FTP Code 2010 – part 3, classification A60. They can be applied in A60 steel bulkheads (unrestricted or restricted) in, for example drilling rigs and vessels.

Weight saving insulation

The FyreWrap® LT Marine Blankets can be used for fire, thermal and acoustic insulation. These are designed to withstand various fires, such as cellulosic, hydrocarbon pool and jet fires. Thereafter, these blankets can be used in A, N, H and J rated systems for steel and aluminium parts. Get up to 50% weight savings in material and due to fewer pins / washers needed in installation. This leads to reduced fuel consumption and improved vessel efficiency.






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