Adhesives, glues and coatings

The Insulcon Group has a complete range of high temperature resistant adhesives, glues and coatings up to 1600°C.

Our adhesives and glues are selected to provide a solution for several high temperature applications. Examples of application of our glues are to bond blankets, papers, felts, boards, modules and textile products (ropes) onto various refractory and metallic surfaces.

Our coatings can also be used in several applications such as to protect surfaces against erosion, to create a reflective surface such as Insulcoat 1260 RFL, etc. 

You can select from:

Boron Nitride Coatings

The Boron Nitride coatings can be used as a solution for high temperature mould release applications. The coatings are entirely...

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Fixwool Rigidizer surface treatment agent

Fixwool Rigidizers are specially developed hardening solutions that are used to protect exposed fibre surfaces against gas...

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Insulcoat 1260-RFL (Heat reflective coating)

Insulcoat 1260 RFL is a refractory coating based on a special silicate called mullite. This refractory coating can be used up...

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Insulcoat 180FF, 150FF, 180 and 150 protective coatings

At our facility in the Netherlands, we manufacture numerous kinds of coatings able to withstand exceptionally high...

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Insulputty stove kit

Insulputty stove kit is an "in-house" fibre free, grey, odorless sealant kit and is temperature resistant up to 1250°C...

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Proven Thermofix®, Thermocoll® and Gluecon® glues

Thermofix®, Thermocoll® and Gluecon® glues are ready to use glues for sealing and fixing.

All our glues and adhesives have a...

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Rigicon (surface treating agent)

Rigicon is an inorganic liquid compound which is used as a surface treating agent to increase hardness and erosion resistance...

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