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  • Insulcoat 1260-RFL (Heat reflective coating)

    Insulcoat 1260 RFL is a refractory coating based on a special silicate called mullite. This refractory coating can be used up to 1475°C. It is an energy-saving reflective coating. Insulcoat 1260 RFL can be applied with a high-pressure spray gun and a brush. This coating does not contain ceramic fibres.


    Examples of applications

    Ceramic fibre covering;

    Bio-soluble fibre coverings;

    Refractory concrete, insulating bricks and refractory bricks;

    Domestic appliances.


    √ High reflection, which means increased radiation from the walls on the product and improved consistent quality as a result.
    √ Can be applied quickly and easily over several (refractory) materials, such as refractory bricks, slabs, (ceramic) fibre linings, etc.
    √ Efficient upgrade, the coating forms a coating that offers more protection against erosion, heat and wear.
    √ Energy saving, through a clear reduction of heat loss due to the reflective coating.

    Insulcon - Insulcoat 1260 reflecterende coating

    Examples of industries


    Ceramic industry

    Waste incineration



    Watch the video about the application of Insulcoat 1260 RFL in a 180-meter tunnel kiln on our YouTube channel and others. Through our own production facilities Insulcon is able to deliver tailor made materials and solutions. You can use the contact form below or the chat option.