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Leader in high temperature solutions - Refractories, Wearflex Expansion Bellows, Refrex and Textile Products

  • Proven Thermofix®, Thermocoll® and Gluecon® glues

    Thermofix®, Thermocoll® and Gluecon® glues are ready to use glues for sealing and fixing.

    All our glues and adhesives have a great adherence to a specific product. Knowing the final working temperature, the expansion of the product involved and the difference of expansion (when two different products have to be glued together) will result in the correct choice of glue.

    There are special glues developed to allow products with a high difference in thermal expansion to be glued together without any problem. Specific mixes are also available to glue products like fibre blankets, felts, papers and textiles like rope, square braid, packing to metals like aluminium and cast iron.

    All our glues need to be glued to a clean and grease free surface. Our high thermal adhesives are used in almost any domestic end product. Specific examples are door seals in open fire stoves, glueing sleeves and gaskets in oven doors to avoid glass cracking and giving a gas tight seal etc.

    Application areas

    Our high temperature glues and adhesives can be found in many industrial applications and can be used for:

    - The fixing of packings (ceramic fibre, glass fibres, Ecomab fibres);
    - The fixing of refractory products on metal parts subjected to the high temperatures;
    - The joining of sheets, sleeves and other refractory products;
    - The assembly of refractory bricks in furnaces and heating appliances.

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