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  • Wearflex® Q-Fire Expansion Bellows

    Fire proof expansion bellow according to IMO FTP 3 - A60.

    The Insulcon Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fabric, rubber and metal Expansion Joints. Wearflex® Expansion Joints are flexible, high temperature connections in hot air and flue gas ducts found in all kinds of industries. The main job of Fabric Expansion Joints is to compensate thermal expansion, misalignments and absorb vibrations.

    Additional to the already existing Wearflex® Q-Chem and Q-Flex Expansion Bellows, the Insulcon Group developed Wearflex® Q-Fire Expansion Bellows.

    Wearflex® Q-Fire Expansion Bellows are fire proof expansion bellows which were successfully tested during fire tests in 2017. During these tests, the Wearflex® Q-Fire Expansion Bellow was exposed for 66 minutes (60 minutes +10%) to a simulated fire where the temperature rose to approx. 1000°C.

    Wearflex® Q-Fire Expansion Bellows were tested according to IMO Resolution MSC.307(88), FTP Code 2010 – part 3, Classification A60. They can be applied in A60 bulkheads (1 side or 2 sides) in for example drilling rigs and vessels where the requirement IMO FTP 3 – A60 is made.

    Wearflex® Q-Fire Expansion Bellows can be used for tubes with a diameter from 1”(33.4 mm) to 32”(812.8 mm). These tubes should be insulated with Pyrogel XTF (instructions by Insulcon). A certificate is available on request.

                                                                                   Q Fire Expansion Bellow 3

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