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  • Fibre free Insulfoam boards

    Insulfoam boards are high purity alumina or mulite based foam board  and offer new opportunities and variable high temperature insulating properties for a wide range of applications. The unique properties and composition make it suitable to use in areas where fiber based or insulating brick material historically were used.

    Insulfoam products do not contain any fiber materials or organic binders and are consequently friendly in use and application. There is no dust emission during handling and use. Its material structure imparts excellent thermal shock resistance that offers additional energy saving potential in application. High abrasion resistance insures high flue gas velocity resistance in furnace linings without risk of pollution of the fired products and leads to optimal lifetime.

    Insulfoam products can be used in applications such as heat treatment furnaces running under specific atmosphere conditions (e.g. furnaces under H2, N2, CO, or other reducing atmospheres). The foam can be installed in new as well as in existing linings (to upgrade hot face temperature > 1600°C or improve the reduction of heat loss and to improve flue gas erosion resistance). They can be used in furnace roofs, doors, industrial furnace fiber free linings, laboratory furnace linings, microwave furnace linings, special atmosphere furnace (including H2, N2), reactor backup linings or any space where traditional bricks or fiber insulation are less desirable. Outstanding thermal shock resistance ensures shorter cycles and potential energy savings.

    Insulfoam boards can be fixed, using Insulcon’s easy ceramic based anchoring systems, such as f.e. our M-6 Cerafix pin/washer system (new linings) or our “spring added” Expanchors® fixing system (fixing on present linings)

    In our production facility in Steenbergen, Insulfoam boards can be machined according to customers’ requirements for example to manufacture saggers, product carrier plates or burner blocks. 

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