Fibre Products

The Insulcon Group offers a wide range of high temperature resistant fibre products (such as Insulfrax LTX, Fyrewrap LT, Fiberfrax, Saffil, Fibercon and Fibercon 1600) up to 1600°C. Next to a complete range of ceramic fibre products, we also offer a wide range of low biopersistent products. Insulcon has its own production and conversion machinery to offer you tailormade solutions.

Our low biopersistent products are specially designed to have enhanced in-vitro solubility characteristics. This enables these products to meet European regulatory requirements for synthetic vitreous fibres.

Our range of fibre products includes:



Insulating blankets designed to solve your thermal management challenges! Our range of lightweight blankets are manufactured...

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The product line contains a wide range of (fibre) board products (f.e. Fiberfrax® 120LD and ZK, Fiberfrax® 140LD and ZK...

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Bulk fibres

bulk and chopped fibresOur bulk and chopped fibres (available up to 1600°C) show high temperature stability and their...

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Our range of felt products is being manufactured using an advanced felting process to form the most comprehensive range of...

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Low Thermal Mass Lining Systems

Why using our low thermal mass lining products? Modern and state of the art low thermal mass lining systems are developed...

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Modules up to 1600°C

History Insulcon started developing the first (MAS - Mechanically Anchored System) modules in 1983. Although there were several...

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We can supply you with a complete range of papers up to 1600°C. Next to ceramic fibre papers, we have a complete range of low...

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Silplate lining systems

Silplate productsSilplate products are manufactured from refractory fibres with specially selected binders to produce...

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Vacuum Formed Products (Insulvac®)

What are Insulvac® shapes? Insulvac® shapes are high temperature vacuum formed products which are manufactured by mixing...

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