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Low Thermal Mass Lining Systems

Why using our low thermal mass lining products? 

Modern and state of the art low thermal mass lining systems are developed, introduced and (still) successfully applied by the Insulcon Group, in many process heaters, furnaces and kilns in the thermal process industry. Combinations of several high temperature resistant and low density materials like insulating fire bricks, fibre blankets, fibre modules, boards, microporous and nanoporous materials, foams and (dust tight) fabrics enables our customers to select the most suitable combinations for their specific lining requirements.

What kind of linings we have?

Selections can be made from combinations of fibre and fibre-free heat-resistant lining systems up till 1600ºC in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. The mass lining products are produced from several fibres, such as ceramic- or low bio-persistent fibres.

In our delivery program low thermal mass lining product we have:

What are the advantages? 

  • Low weight lining system (low accumulation)
  • High insulation value
  • High erosion resistance 
  • Fast installation 

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