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  • Modules (MAS)

    Insulcon manufactures an extensive range of both ceramic fibre and body soluble fibre based modules up to 1600°C. They are specially designed to meet a wide range of application requirements in a variety of heat processing units. All module systems can be supplied with or without an anchoring system.

    Our specially designed MAS module systems can be supplied in three temperature grades and densities between 150 and 190 kg/m3. These low thermall mass, high temperature resistant and superior insulation blocks are produced in Insulcons own production shop and ensures a fast delivery if required.

    Typical applications for mudules are for example:

    * Petrochemical heaters, reformers and ethylene furnaces

    * Ceramic kilns, rotating drying kilns

    * Incinerators

    * Heat-treatment furnaces

    * Soaking pit covers

    * Melting furnaces (roofs/walls)