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  • Papers

    We can supply you with a complete range of papers up to 1600°C. Next to ceramic fibre papers, we have a complete range of low biopersistent papers, who meet the European regulatory requirements (Directive 97/69/EC). Our papers are manufactured using specially selected binders and offer therefore exceptional insulating performance and flexibility. Premium grades (DS) are manufactured using an unique washing process. In our own production facility in Steenbergen (NL) we can die-cut all Insulcon Papers at clients' specification.

    Papers are available in our Fiberfrax, Insulfrax, Isofrax and Saffil quality range.


    Typical applications for our range of papers are:

    * High temperature gaskets

    * Automotive exhaust insulation

    * Aluminium transfer system back-up insulation

    * Ingot Mould liners

    * Automotive heat shields and silencer insulation

    * Liquid metal back-up insulation

    * Investment casting mould wrap

    * Induction Furnace insulation