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Insulcon can provide you with a complete package of papers up to 1600°C. In addition to ceramic fiber paper, we also offer a full range of low biopersistent (biosoluble) and polycrystalline papers that meet European requirements. Our papers are produced with special binders, providing excellent insulation properties and flexibility. Premium versions (such as DS) are manufactured using special production processes.

In our production facility in Steenbergen (NL), we can punch and process all papers according to customer requirements. Whether you need to wrap, shape, or cut it to meet your specific needs, our heat-resistant paper offers versatility in installation.

Insulfrax Paper

Discover today the exceptional properties of our high-quality heat-resistant paper!

A selection of papers is available:
Insulfrax / Fiberfrax / Isofrax / Saffil Paper

Examples of common applications:

  • Heat shields for the automotive and aerospace industry
  • Seals for ovens, stoves, heaters, and other equipment
  • Refractory back insulation in ladles, glass containers, and high-temperature furnaces
  • Separation medium for brazing and soft soldering
  • Seals in channel systems for liquid aluminum
  • Filling material for expansion joints

Insulfrax paper 

Our Insulfrax paper with a classificationtemperature of 1200°C is made from high-quality Insulfrax alkaline earth silicate wool (low bio-persistence) and carefully selected organic binders. This unique manufacturing process allows for the development of flexible papers with outstanding properties. 

Fiberfrax FT paper 

The versatility of FT ceramic fibre paper makes it the ideal choice for various requirements. Whether you work in industry, construction, or other sectors, our insulation paper with a classificationtemperature of 1250°C offers the necessary heat resistance and flexibility and is designed for use in numerous high-temperature applications.   

Isofrax 1260 paper

Fiberfrax DS paper 

Our high-quality Fiberfrax DS ceramic fibre paper (Classification temperature 1250°C) is produced using a unique wet process specifically designed for applications where exceptional cleanliness and dust-free conditions are crucial. 

Fiberfrax H paper

Our Fiberfrax H paper with a classification temperature 1400°C is made from ceramic fibers with an increased aluminum oxide content, providing improved thermal-chemical resistance at extremely high temperatures.

Isofrax papier  

Isofrax 1260°C paper with a classification temperature of 1400°C) uses the groundbreaking Isofrax low bio persistent fibre, known for its unique patented silica-magnesia composition. This innovative fiber was specifically designed to address demanding challenges in high-temperature applications. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, it offers an extremely uniform structure, low thermal conductivity, excellent handling, and a smooth surface. Isofrax fiber and Isofrax 1260°C paper are the perfect solution for high-temperature requirements. 

Saffil 1600 papier 

Discover our high-quality heat-resistant paper that can withstand temperatures of up to 1600°C. Saffil papers are made from highly pure polycrystalline wool, mixed with specially selected organic binders to create a flexible paper with exceptional properties. This remarkable product offers excellent chemical resistance and is virtually free from 'shot' (non-fibrous particles). Our advanced manufacturing techniques ensure an extremely uniform structure, enhance low thermal conductivity, provide good handling, and result in a smooth surface.  

Fiberfrax Ceramic Paper

Insulcon High-Temperature Paper 

Your solution for thermal control challenges! 

Our specially designed high-temperature paper is available in various thicknesses and roll sizes. See also our technical datasheets. 

If you have any questions, we are always available to assist you. Explore our diverse high-temperature paper options for various applications. Contact us for alternative options or use the chat function below or the 'Need advice?' section for direct support. 


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