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  • Insulmould®

    During the years, refractories can crack or spall for a variety of reasons, such as volume changes, expansions or even due to operational factors. For these type of general refractory repairs, the Insulcon Group developed a complete range of Insulmould® mouldables; a versatile product.

    Typical applications are for example hot and cold patching of refractory cracks, filling up expansion joints, patching around burner blocks, collector bar sealing (significantly reducing oxidation of the cathode) and sealing up gaps.
    Insulmould® mouldables are based on high performance refractory fibres, blended with selected inorganic and/or organic binders. They have a putty-like consistency, which permits application by caulking, trowelling or hand forming. Depending on the application a low viscose mould for injection and a high viscose mould for trowelling and/or patching is available.

    Insulmould® mouldables are available in several grades up to 1600°C, using ceramic, - low bio persistent (body soluble) and/or polycrystalline fibres. 


    Advantages Insulmould® mouldables:

    • Low thermal conductivity
    • High temperature resistance
    • Excellent insulating properties
    • Thermal shock resistance
    • Vibration resistant
    • Excellent chemical stability
    • Easy to install

    Insulmould® mouldable is standard available in 420 gr cartridges, 5 kg and 25 kg drums and in handy sachets of 600 ml to 1500 ml.