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  • Insulmould®

    Insulmould® Mouldables are specially invented to seal expansion joints in for example anode backing furnaces and for general refractory repairs. Insulmould® mouldable is a highly sticky putty like product, which requires only drying to create a hard surfaced, low shrinkage efficient insulator.

    The tackiness provides good adhesion to the applied surface during drying, thereby ensuring a good refractory bond. Insulmould® is available in a ceramic and non-ceramic (body soluble) version.
    Typical applications are:
    * Expansion joint filling
    * Hot and cold patching of refractory cracks
    * Trough linings for aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
    * Patching around burner blocks
    * Coating for metal liners

    Depending on the application a low viscose mould for injection and a high viscose mould for trowelling and/or patching is available. Next to the standard packaging (cartridges, 5 kg and 25 kg drums) Insulmould® Mouldables are also available in handy sachets of 600 ml to 1500 ml. These sachets can be processed by using a pneumatic pistol.

    Insulcon's in-house production range:

    * Insulmould® 1100

    * Insulmould® 1260

    * Insulmould® 1260i 

    * Insulmould® 1400

    * Insulmould® 1600