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  • Refrex® Expanchor® Lining System

    In response to the problems universally encountered by kiln operators, such as shrinkage, dust fall-out due to erosion, and the poor mechanical properties of conventional fibre linings, together with the associated contamination of sanitary ceramic and porcelain products, Insulcon engineers developed the Refrex® Expanchor Lining System.

    The REL® (Refrex®-Expanchor®-Lining) System is a combination of a flexible, dust tight, high temperature and erosion resistant fabric (Refrex®) and a simple, easy to apply anchoring system (Expanchor®).

    This makes the REL® (Refrex®-Expanchor®-Lining) system a high performance hot face lining for new and existing refractory linings in ceramic kilns, petrochemical heaters and other types of industrial furnace linings.

    During the years the REL® system has been successfully applied in sanitary shuttle and tunnel kilns, porcelain and glazed earthenware kilns, dust free thermal process kilns (Electronic components), (dust free) heat treatment kilns Laboratory- and test kilns,  annealing lines, low thermal mass lined hot gas ducting Petrochemical heaters (roof sections) and combustion chambers.

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     Refrex Expanchor Lining System