Refrex® products (till 1600°C)

Refrex® zonedividers

Refrex® zone dividers are prefabricated, lightweight, high temperature resistant and flexible zone dividers (mattresses). They are manufactured out of Refrex® cloth, with on the inside a specially selected insulation blankets. Refrex® zone dividers are temperature resistant up to 1350°C. Refrex® zone dividers are designed to resist high temperatures at all sides. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the inside insulation and the high reflection value of the Refrex® material (e =0,88), Refrex® zone dividers do not accumulate heat and saves energy. Refrex® zone dividers can be applied in several ways, like:

A hanging, “flexible wall” from the roof of a furnace to split up the furnace in several areas. For example in a walking beam furnace. Hanging “flexible baffles” from the roof of a tunnel kiln, creating a better thermal performance.  

Due to the light weight construction of the Refrex® zone dividers they can easily be suspend from the roof with small silicium carbide profiles (different shapes & dimensions) and fixed onto the profiles with different kind of fixing pins/washers made out of high alumina ceramic.

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