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D-Bar® Seals

D-Bar® Seals are specially developed, mastic like, dummy bar seals

The D-Bar® Seals are used in continuous steel casting to seal the dummy bar to prevent leakage of molten steel. D-Bar® Seals are being manufactured, using high quality, fibre free, ceramic components. They are standard available in diameter 20 mm. Other diameters are available upon request.

D-Bar® Seals have a very good flexibility, are easy to handle and install, have excellent liquid steel sealing characteristics and reduce the maintenance of mechanical parts. 

Advantages D-Bar® Seals:

  • D-Bar® Seals are guaranteed tight seals
  • Lower maintenance and service costs
  • Easy to install
  • A high steel pressure resistance
  • D-Bar® Seals will not contaminate the cooling water, they are water soluble

By using the D-Bar® Seal as a dummy bar seal, you will combine the benefits of a trustworthy seal, with the benefits of no contamination of mechanical elements and spraying nozzles. D-Bar® Seals are being "stamped" into the narrow gap between the bottom and the 4 vertical shell of the mould. Thanks to specific developed characteristics, the D-Bar® Seal will easily seal this gap.

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