The Insulcon Group

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  • Fabrics and tapes

    Technical Fabrics and tapes are woven with selvedges in several widths. Depending on the weave pattern, which is used and the thickness of the yarns in warp and weft, a wide range of thicknesses are available.

    ‘Ladder tapes’ are also available. This type of tape has regular perforations in the middle to produce a ladder like structure for easy installation around among others bolts. All our tapes can be supplied with a self-adhesive backing and/or with various special coatings.For those applications where flexibility and resilience are of essence, we can also produce knitted (ladder) tapes.


    • Keramab® - ceramic fibre (1260°C)
    • Ecomab® - body soluble fibre (1200°C)
    • Ecosil - silica (1000°C)
    • Ecotex 750 HT-Glas (750°C)
    • E-Glass (550°C)