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  • Golden Super® Rope

    The Golden Super® Rope is a unique high temperature and mechanical resistant seal. Due to it’s high density, the Golden Super® Rope can be used in those applications where mechanical resistance is of high importance. The Golden Super® Rope exhibits excellent chemical stability, resisting attack from most corrosive agents. The special impregnation increases the temperature resistance and heat reflection and improves the non-wetting properties in case of molten metal splashes as well as the gas tightness of the rope. The Golden Super® Rope improves the lifetime of your seal considerably, in comparison with other materials such as silicone packings or graphite packings (lifetime will be extended >7 times).

    The use of the Golden Super® Rope will save you labor costs, reduces maintenance costs, reduces dust and has no Health & Safety issues. Customer testimony is available at request. The Golden Super® Rope is available in round, square or rectangular shapes.


    * Crucible lid joint in the aluminium industry

    * Furnace door seals

    * Seal for doors of furnaces

    * Generally in all cases where a heavy duty seal is required

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