Wearflex® Special Products

In our own Wearflex® production facility in Steenbergen (The Netherlands) a complete range of converted high temperature resistant textile products are being manufactured.

Our Wearflex® special products are always being manufactured according to customers’ specification.

They are applicable in several industries, such as in the petro(chemical) industry (Wearflex® insulation covers, spring jonts and concertina's, telescopic seals), in the non-ferrous industry (Wearflex® launder joints and launder covers), in waste incineration and power plants(Wearflex® expansion joints and Wearflex® dynamic seals), etc.

An essential part of our Wearflex® department is the production of Refrex® special products like Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows and Refrex® Heatshields.

For more information about Wearflex® and Refrex® products, check our new Wearflex® website


Insulation Covers Wearflex® up to 650°C

The Wearflex® Insulation Covers (WICs) originates from the traditional insulation covers, but it got improved to fit specific...

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Wearflex® HT Springjoints (Concertinas)

Wearflex® HT Springjoints are flexible, heat resistant seals. They are designed to create a seal around single tube...

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Wearflex® Quilted Sleeves (conical seals)

Wearflex® Quilted Ssleeves are designed to seal all kinds of tube penetrations, through the wall or the roof of for example...

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Wearflex® Tadpoles

(Wearflex®) Tadpoles are prefabricated high temperature resistant seals applicable up to more than 1600°C. They can be used in...

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Wearflex® Telescopic Seals

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