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  • (Wearflex®) Tadpoles

    (Wearflex®) Tadpoles are prefabricated high temperature resistant seals applicable up to more than 1600°C. They can be used in a wide range of applications, such as for sealing kiln doors, inspection doors, manway doors, peephole doors, around peepholes, around burners, guillotine valves or between hot air/flue gas ducts. The tail or fin sections of the tadpole can be attached to metal or refractory surfaces.

    Wearflex® tadpoles are constructed of treated high temperature cover materials wrapped over resilient high temperature core materials forming a 'bulb' and 'tail' construction. Tadpoles are ideal for sealing flanges with limited bolt force, warped or uneven surfaces, or joints where flat tapes or packings are not suitable.



    Special applications include low, as well as extremely high temperature applications, as those found in refractory operations.

    Insulcon uses the corresponding high temperature sewing yarns to produce the Wearflex® Tadpole Seals. Cross-sectional dimensions and length needs to be determined during the inquiry, before delivery.


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