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  • Hot Spot Repair in Germany

    During the last 30 years, the Insulcon Group has executed many major Hot Spot Repair (HSR) jobs with great success all over the world, during full operation of process heaters, boilers (HRSG), reformers, etc.

    This unique HSR technique consists of a specially developed range of high temperature injection mixes, a fully controlled pneumatic injection system and of course, a stand-by group of qualified and experienced engineers.

    Read more about Hot Spot Repair (HSR) and Hot Endoscopy (HE).

    One of our recent projects was a successful Hot Spot Repair in Germany.

    Industry: Chemical Industry

    Inside temperature: 220°C – zero pressure

    Scope of job: Hot Spot Repair – HT Injection mix (Injection mould)



    By using a certified infrared scan procedure, the Hot Spot was analyzed and determined. The Hot Spot was located around a thermocouple area of the reactor. To eliminate the (over)pressure in the reactor, a short shutdown was arranged to enable “hot injection” from the outside.


    Our Insulcon engineers injected HT injection mix (Injectionmould) under controlled pressure and viscosity, through the flange opening of the thermocouple, filling up all cracks and gaps inside the damaged surrounded refractory and insulation lining.

    After an hour a final infrared scan was taken in order to verify that the whole hot spot area had been filled completely (and changed from a hot spot area in to a cold face outer steel area).

    The satisfied customer gave us positive feedback and a former hot spot had been changed into a permanent cold spot!

    Do you have a Hot Spot in your thermal unit? The Insulcon HSR systems will eliminate all your Hot Spot problems. After a first call or e-mail (, our specially trained engineers will act immediately.