The Insulcon Group

Leader in high temperature solutions - Refractories, Wearflex Expansion Bellows, Refrex and Textile Products

  • Insulcon N.V.

    Building Keramab NV - Belgium

    Insulcon N.V. is the leading European manufacturer in the area of high temperature resistant industrial textiles, insulation and sealing materials. Next to this they are the Belgian sales office of the Insulcon Group, serving the Belgium market.

    Insulcon N.V. production facility 

    In the production facility in Temse, a wide range of insulation and sealing materials are being custom-made, such as twisted ropes, fibre ropes, braided and knitted packings and sleevings, woven and knitted tapes as well as fabrics.

    Different types of raw materials (glass fibres, body soluble fibres, silica, ceramic fibres, etc.) and several textile technologies (carding, spinning, stitching, twining, texturizing, twisting, braiding, overbraiding, weaving, knitting and coating) are being used.

    Applications of our high temperature resistant industrial textiles

    Our textile products can be applied in several industries. World wide our high temperature textile products are applied as door seals in boilers, ovens and reformers, kiln car seals, etc.