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  • Domestic appliances

    Insulcon for the Domestic Industry

    The Insulcon Group offers a complete range of tailor-made, high and low temperature insulation and sealing systems for domestic boilers, central heating systems, gas-/wood- oil- and bio fuel fired heaters, industrial cooking, chimneys and many more applications.

    Our insulations are cost-efficient and reliable and can be custom made for your design!

    Due to our very long-term experience in engineering, production and trading of thermal insulation products, we are more than capable and willing to be a R&D partner and supplier in thermal insulation solutions. We understand that our solutions needs to contribute to higher appliance energy efficiency, to sustainable environment and to health protection.

    We are more than a supplier.
    We deliver high quality products, excellent service and thanks to our production facilities with a wide range of machinery and large warehouse capacities, we can supply the majority of our products on just-in-time conditions. Our products and systems will allow you to engineer and manufacture stylish and compact for appliances, yet at the same time providing the highest standards of quality and insulation performance.

    You will find our products in:

    At the bottom of this page are three questionnaires listed which you can use when you want to have a quotation or technical advice from us. We have a questionnaire for customized insulation parts, GPE gaskets and vacuum formed products. We can provide you the best service in a short time notice after you fill in the form.