Energy-Power-Waste Incineration

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What can we do for the Energy-Power-Waste Incineration industry?

Power generation and waste incineration are community services. Companies that serve the community require installations with very high reliability. Reducing energy losses, of abrasion caused to pipe work and ducts by conveying pulverised coal, emission control and the compensation of vibrations and movements due to thermal expansion of flue gas ducting are specific issues within the world of energy and waste incineration.

The Insulcon Group can provide you with a complete range of products and services, that are specially developed to address these issues. 

Hot spot repair and products such as industrial textile products (packings, ropes, fibre ropes, tapes) our Wearflex® fabric expansion jointsWearflex® dynamic seals, gastight seals, refractory fibre products, abrasion and wear resistant products, protective coatings and Insulated pipe supports, are just a small selection from our wide range of products, which we can offer for the power generation and waste incineration.

Also for the geothermal energy generation Insulcon offers you several product solutions:

- Wearflex® Insulation Covers  

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