Ferrous industry

Advanced Insulation Solutions for High-Temperature Processes in the Steel Industry

Typically the steel or ferrous industry uses processes at high temperatures where insulation products of high quality are required. High demanding installations like in the core areas of the steelmaking plant, continuous casting operations and rolling mills are being covered with our specially engineerd solutions.

Products such as our D-bar seals (dummy bar seals), silplate® lining system, a wide range of fibre products (blankets, board, etc.) our hot spot repair service, our Refrex® zone dividers for a.o. walking beam furnaces, and many other woven and non-woven tapes, fabrics and packings are all known in the business.

We have products, solutions and systems for:

  • Cokes furnaces
  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Galvanising, heat treatment & reheating

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