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New markets

Next to the bigger traditional industries served by the Insulcon Group, there is also a strong focus on new markets. Insulcon keeps a close eye on upcoming trends, which are often related to energy transitions. Insulcon develops insulation solutions for upcoming trends in order to be a suitable partner in optimizing production processes. Especially solutions that help to create a safe, environment friendly and energy saving, thus CO2 reducing production process. 

Upcoming markets for Insulcon are, for example, applications and industries related to Lithium Ion batteries (packaging, insulation, passive fire protection), P2X (like Hydrogen),LNG and other new energy sources, where the carrier of the energy or the process will have to be insulated.


As an alternative energy source, hydrogen is becoming a very important feedstock. In the whole P2X (power to X) chain from generation of natural energy, production of P2X/H20/Hydrogen (PEM, alkaline, SOEC and AEM electrolysis), its transportation up to its use, the Insulcon group is the competent partner to provide suitable solutions in the field of insulation in various atmospheres. Insulcon has been involved in some of the most advanced SOEC and other Hydrogen production developments and will enroll this services for the coming years. 

Lithium Ion / Altilium

Insulcon, in collaboration with our partners, has successfully devised an innovative approach to insulating the transportation packaging of Lithium Ion products, effectively addressing the concerns associated with thermal runaway. This not only involves containing high temperatures but also managing the mixture of chemical gases released during this process. Our Altilium product line proves to be a remarkably advanced solution, providing extensive flexibility in packaging design while offering optimal protection.


Insulation issues around liquefied natural gas, the transport and use of this product are not to be underestimaded. Think for example about corrosion under insulation (CUI). Due to the product portfolio of aerogel and the conversion possibilities within the Insulcon Group, we have the possibility to bring tailor made solutions to our customers.  

Ceramic Industry

Of course we won't forget our partners in the more traditional markets, like the ceramic industry, to help them make the conversion into the renewable way of producing. Our long-established experience with the international ceramic industry has lead to a wide selection of tailor-made products and systems.

All products have excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, erosion resistance, high strength, excellent temperature stability and efficiency. We have products for (the use as) hot face kiln linings, back-up insulation, kiln door seals, expansion gap fillers and kiln furniture refractory shapes.

Products like: 

Next to a range of standard products, we are able to engineer and manufacture tailor-made products which fits your personal situation. 


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