Energy saving with Wearflex® Telescopic Seals

In a world where the cost of energy is getting more and more important in the total cost of operation, it is highly recommended to check if there are measurements to take to get a grip on them.


One of the units where energy is used and also is being spilled is in the reformer. To reduce the loss of energy it is necessary to check where hot air is leaking out, or, in the case of a reformer, which is operating with light underpressure, it is necessary to check where ingress of cold air appears.

Catalyst tubes

Up in the reformer, where the catalyst tubes penetrate the roof, there will be an incoming draft of cold air. To avoid this unwanted draft, it is necessary to seal those penetrations. We advice our telescopic seals.

Wearflex Telescopic seals

Telescopic seals

As the catalyst tubes have to move freely when they expand and move during operation, it is necessary to give them enough space to do so. We don’t want to damage those "high cost" parts. Therefore, Insulcon developed a system, which allows us offer a sealing system to seal the gap between the roof of the reformer and the catalyst tube. This system covers axial movements from 100 to 350 millimeter, which covers the total movements of those tubes. This telescopic seal is not only sealing, but also has thermal insulating properties up to 900 °C, which means that a maximum reduction of energy spill is provided.

As the telescopic seals are pre-produced as “easy to install” parts into our factory, they provide an efficient installation and a minimum of waste onsite.

Wearflex Telescopic seal 

This is one of the many sealing solutions for the petrochemical industry we can provide. Curious to know what we can offer to you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


This product saves you energy

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