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Vacuum formed peephole

At our in-house vacuum form plant in Steenbergen, the Netherlands, we manufacture a wide range and various qualities of Insulvac® vacuum formed shapes with classification temperatures up to 1600°C. These shapes have exceptional characteristics such as high chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, low heat loss and heat storage. This makes our Insulvac® vacuum formed shapes ideal for e.g. burner blocks, burner plates, peepholes, etc.

Because we have many options and a wide selection of our Insulvac® vacuum formed products, we will help you to choose the right Insulvac® products for your application. We can produce according to tight tolerances, by using our 5-axis CNC milling machines.

Milling of vacuum formed peephole

Special qualities:

We have special qualities

  • Surface hardening;
  • Deep hardening;
  • Pre-fired treatment;
  • Coating. 

Why should you choose our Insulvac® vacuum formed products?

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Several vacuum formed products



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