Renaming of Keramab N.V. to Insulcon N.V.

Keramab N.V. is a successful company within the Insulcon Group since its acquisition in 1996. In recent years, Keramab's product range has expanded so much that it is a logical step to also align the company names within our group. This creates clarity in the market.

As of January 3rd, 2022, the company trading name of Keramab N.V. will change to Insulcon N.V.

Apart from this alignment in company name, logo and emailadresses, nothing will change.

Of course, you will continue to receive the same excellent service from us that you are familiar with!


Complete (new) details:
Insulcon N.V.
Haverheidelaan 4
9140 Temse
Phone: +32 (0)3 711 02 78
Fax: +32 (0)3 711 08 56

keramab insulcon

name change per 03-01-2022

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