Supervision and inspection

Succes as a service

The success of our industrial products and solutions is guaranteed by our experience and product design. However it also requires proper installation. If you do not have the proper knowledge, expertise or resources in-house to assess the situation or to manage an installation crew, Insulcon offers you this service by providing supervision and inspection on site.

Inspection and supervision

Our inspection and supervision team for amongst others Wearflex® expansion joints & bellows and other Wearflex® products is available on 24-hours notice. They can provide you with monthly inspection reports. This will speed up your decision making process and will advise you whether an installation needs a repair or replacement.

Industrial insulation provides opportunities for both energy and cost savings.

However, many production facilities lack adequate insulation. TIPCHECK auditing offers a reliable means of identifying the potential energy and cost savings achievable through industrial insulation.

Reducing environmental impact

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by implementing intelligent insulation solutions. Improving thermal insulation in industrial installations presents significant potential for energy savings and CO2 mitigation. Given the higher temperatures faced by industries, the role of effective technical insulation in minimizing heat loss becomes even more crucial. Surprisingly, studies conducted by EiiF have revealed that a considerable number of low-temperature sites (ranging from 50 to 100°C) remain completely uninsulated, presenting a vast untapped potential for energy savings. Notably, implementing insulation in these sites is cost-effective.

Insulcon and TIPCHECK

And to come into the high temperature processes, althoug many parts of the installation are already insulated, there are various means to improve this and gain an even bigger saving. Insulcon has a certified TIPCHECK expert inhouse. In any need of information or even a TIPCHECK? Please don't hesitate us for any quotation or help regarding insulation matters.

The TIPCHECK Programme delivers multiple energy and non-energy benefits to the energy user, the supply system and the economy. Industrial insulation is a proven technology delivering multiple benefits:

•    Reduces energy and production costs
•    Increases energy efficiency
•    Reduces CO₂ emissions
•    Improves process efficiency
•    Reduces safety risks for personnel and equipment
•    Increases competitiveness
•    75% of TIPCHECKs lead to insulation investments
•    The payback periods for the initiated TIPCHECK insulation projects were in most cases 2 years or even less



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