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Boron Nitride Coatings

The Boron Nitride coatings can be used as a solution for high temperature mould release applications. The coatings are entirely inorganic, composed of Boron Nitride powder and a high-temperature bond phase.

Supplied in a liquid form it is suitable for brushing, they can be diluted with water to be applied for spraying and dipping consistencies and applied to a variety of porous and non-porous materials including graphite, metals and ceramics in the light metal processing, secondary aluminium processing and glass production.

Boron Nitride

Temperature ranges and advantages

Boron Nitride Coatings can be used up to 1372°C in a reducing atmosphere and 850°C in an oxidizing atmosphere, and retain many of its properties such as:

  • Non-wetted by most molten metals such as molten aluminium, salts, fluxes and slags;
  • Useable for liquid silicon infiltration;
  • Resistant to molten metal corrosion and light metal drosses enables extreme resistance to melt metal corrosion;
  • Excellent parting plane / very lubricious;
  • Helps in removal of solidified metals;
  • Custom colours available;
  • Electrical insulator;
  • pH neutral, Cobalt and Chromium free;
  • Options in inorganic binder types which changes the physical properties;
  • Ready to use, water based coatings for easy application.


Various grades are differentiated by the type of inorganic binder used, which allows for a range of physical properties such as hardness, adherence, useful temperature range, and ease of use for a variety of applications.

Boron Nitride is used best when paired with a strong under layer to insulate the surface area accordingly. For advice on which Boron Nitride coating is best for your application you can use the chat function below or use the contact page.

In-house advice

The Insulcon Group provides in-house experts and engineers to help you with a high temperature problem area. On top of that, we have several production facilities to deliver custom-made materials and solutions for your high temperature problem areas.



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