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Insulcoat 180FF, 150FF, 180 and 150 protective coatings

At our facility in the Netherlands, we manufacture numerous kinds of coatings able to withstand exceptionally high temperatures. Examples of this include reflective coatings.: 

Insulcoat Coating Cement 180FF and 150FF: A fiber-free ceramic material, mixed with inorganic additives to make refractory coatings or binders with air.  

Insulcoat Coating Cement 180 and 150: A ceramic coating cement, mixed with inorganic additives to make refractory coatings or binders with air. Its insulating properties and inherent resistance to thermal shock help prevent spillage of materials. Because of its adhesion to many non-ferrous molten metals, the cement can be used as a protective coating for a wide range of porous and non-porous materials. When dried, Insulcoat Coating Cement provides a hard surface (air-setting) that is highly resistant to erosion and trace/damage from flames. 

Insulcoat Coating Cements have excellent thermal reflective properties that further enhance the potential uses of these unique cements. When exposed to temperatures above 870°C, the strength of Insulcoat Coating Cements even increases due to the formation of a ceramic bond.

Typical applications for Insulcoat coating cements are:

  • Coating for moulds for high purity liquid metal and molten glass
  • Oxidation barrier for aluminium dip tubes, cast iron thermocouple tubes and galvanizing tanks
  • Protective coating for molten aluminium distribution systems and associated implements
  • Electrical insulation coating for core liners of induction furnaces
  • Infrared radiating surface for heating elements
  • Internal coating for automotive exhaust pipes
  • Heat-Shields
  • Adhesive for ceramic parts

The difference of applying between 180FF and 150FF coatings:
Insulcoat 180FF can be applied by brushing, rolling, dipping or spraying
Insulcoat 150FF a coating having a consistent thickness is trowelling the most suitable choice. 

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