Wearflex® Expansion Joints and Bellows

Wearflex® Fabric Expansion Joints (Q-Flex)

Very flexible, specially designed for applications with low to moderate concentrations of aggresive components in flue gases of 250°C up to 1370°C

Q-Flex fabric expansion joints are available in three standard classifications:

  • Q-Flex LT up to 250°C
  • Q-Flex MT up to 500°C
  • Q-Flex HT up to 1370°C

Due to the flexible characteristics of the used materials, Q-Flex expansion joints can be made in all kind of shapes and designs. If requested, the Wearflex® division can offer and supply you also complete pre-fabricated Q-Flex expansion joints including steel frames and flow plates.

Do you need advice? Don't hesitate to contact us. Due to own production facilities, Insulcon is able to deliver custom-made materials and solutions. 

ATEX environment

We specially designed electrically conductive fabrics, that can be applied in our Wearflex® ATEX expansion joints. These fabrics are tested and certified by an independent organization to be electrical conductive to avoid static electricity during operation. The temperature range of our Wearflex® ATEX expansion joints is 0 - 400°C, with a pressure range of -50m Bar to +150m Bar. We also deliver Wearflex® ATEX rubber expansion joints, which are mainly used in transport pipelines to transport gases, oils, food, cooling and waste water.

Special Fabric Expansion Joint certification

Insulcon has achieved the certification of the "Gütezeichen RAL-GZ 719". This certificate is a highly recommended quality mark of manufacturers of fabric expansion joints (bellows). For more information, please read this news item.

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