The Insulcon Group

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  • Boards

    We have a wide range of (fibre) board products (f.e. Fiberfrax 120LD and ZK, Fiberfrax 140LD and ZK, Insulfrax 110LD and ZK, Isofrax 120LD and ZK) which are specially designed for use in applications which require high strength and rigidity coupled with high temperature stability and excellent insulating performance. This range of products, which encompasses a wide spectrum of operating temperatures and thickness combinations is designed to meet the requirements demanded by today's industry.

    Typical applications are:

    * Rigid high temperature gaskets and seals

    * Furnace hot face linings

    * Refractory backup

    * Fire protection systems

    * High temperature baffles and muffles

    * Glass tank insulation

    * Hot gas duct linings

    Next to the range of standard products, other special board products are available on request.