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GPE gaskets

Where “high efficiency and CO2 reduction” meets “using the high temperature sealing materials”

Discover GPE products, ready for use and manufactured with a special heat-resistant impregnation developed in-house. Thanks to the special impregnation, GPE seals stand out for their unique water-repellent, gastight, flexible sealig capabilities, making them ideal for heat-intensive applications such as condensing boilers in both gas and hydrogen-fired boilers. These gaskets are perfectly suited for placement between heat exchangers and burner housings. When enclosed, the seals withstand temperatures up to 800°C. 

Water-repellent seals with minimal gas permeability and lasting elasticity!

GPE gaskets have unique water repellent propertiesIn contrast to other seals, such as those with silicone impregnation, GPE products retain all their elastic properties even after exposure to high temperatures. Choose durability and reliability with GPE gaskets.

Optimize your central heating boiler with our premium seals with water-repellent and minimal gas permeability!

Perfect for applications such as gas- and hydrogen-fired boilers (condensing boilers). GPE Gaskets are available in different qualities, custom-made designed and produced in our own production facility in Steenbergen (the Netherlands). They can be die-cutted according to your specific requirements.

Gasket condensing boilers

Main characteristics of our GPE gaskets are:

  • GPE does not create toxic fumes at high temperature exposure
  • GPE gaskets are engineered according to customers' requirements
  • Classification temperature, as an enclosed seal, is 800°C

Next to GPE gaskets, we also manufacture GPE textiles.

Revolutionise your heat-intensive applications with our cutting-edge solutions!

Do you need advice? Or do you have any questions about our GPE gaskets? Please do not hesitate to contact us. As we have our own production facilities, we can offer custom products and solutions.


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