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Refrex® Mono- and Multi Tube Bellows

How to avoid cold air ingress in your furnace? Our Insulcon engineers have the strategic knowledge and long-term experience in this field to provide you with the best solution! They can help you with the exact seal you need in your specific application.

In this case a Refrex® Multi Tube Bellow, specially designed to seal the process tubes which enter the roof of a furnace, will be the solution. It will save you a tremendous amount of energy and also reduce your CO2 emission.

Refrex® Multi Tube Bellow

Refrex® 1230/1430 Mono- & Multi Tube Bellows are flexible high temperature seals around one or more proces tubes through the roof or wall of a (petro-) chemical furnace. Refrex® 1230/1430 Multi Tube Bellows are suitable up to 1300°C.

By using high quality high temperature fabrics, the tubes are not limited in their movements - a result of thermal expansion of the proces tubes. The design of the Refrex® 1230/1430 Mono- & Multi Tube Bellows ensure an optimal seal between the opening of the roof/wall and the proces tubes. The cold air ingress, a result of an underpressure in the furnace is minimalized. On request we can calculate the rapid return on investment for you.

Since 1984 the Wearflex® department have been developing high temperature seals including Refrex® 1230/1430 Mono- & Multi Tube Bellows. Refrex® 1230/1430 Mono- & Multi Tube Bellows have been applied in different kinds of furnaces and heaters in the process industry for many years.

Complex sealings

Our inventive approach to several complex sealing problems has established a large number of references from all over the world. From design to delivery, small and large dimensions, from prototype to series production.

The Wearflex® department can supply you the exact type of seal. The extensive expertise, stock of high temperature fabrics and the commitment of our qualified people and special developed machines, ensure the solution of all your sealing problems.

Based on world-wide experiences with high temperature fabrics, the Refrex® fabrics are selected as perfect materials to use in Refrex® 1230/1430 Mono- & Multi Tube Bellows.


The most prestigious engineering firms, together with many (petro-) chemical multinationals, are included in our reference list. Our reference list is available upon request at our marketing department.

Refrex® Multi Tube Bellow

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