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Wearflex® Launder Covers

Wearflex® Launder Covers are low weight, high temperature resistant, mattresses, which are specially designed to prevent heat losses during the transportation of molten light metal. Wearflex® launder covers consist of a combination of different materials, which can vary up to customers' specification. The two basic materials of our Wearflex® Launder Covers  are an insulation blanket and a heat resistant glass cloth. The glass cloth, which is used on the hot-face provides strength, tear resistance and the most important advantage is that it prevents fibre particles polluting your melt.

Contrary to the traditionally used fibre strips, Wearflex® Launder Covers are multiple usable, which also will result in less waste. Wearflex® Launder Covers can be manufactured in all kinds of dimensions (straight, elbows and bents), according to your specifications. Due to the low weight design, Wearflex® Launder Covers are easy to handle.





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