An impressive achievement

The urgent request was crystal clear:

To install a Wearflex® Expansion Bellow (expansion joint) as soon as possible.

A French customer contacted us with an urgent request to replace a damaged expansion bellow, measuring 60 meters. Being Insulcon, we never walk away from such a challenge.

Damaged expansion bellow (joint)

The first challenge was to produce and transport this replacement expansion bellow to south of France within 48 hours. The Wearflex® team in Steenbergen managed to craft this expansion bellow to the required specifications despite the tight time frame.

The next obstacle involved was to mobilize our team of installation specialists along with the necessary equipment. In collaboration with SMRI, a French installation partner, took charge of installing the impressive 60-meter-long expansion bellow.
The disassembly of the existing compensator only took a single day, whereby the installation of the new one took a very fast 3.5 days. Thus, within one week, Insulcon provided the solution to the customer’s need.


This project’s success was achieved through a splendid collaboration between the customers, Insulcon internal organization, the supervisor and our French installation partner. 

 Preparation for placement of the new expansion bellow (joint).

Where there's a will, there's a way!

Finished installation of new expansion bellow (joint) for French customer

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