Another challenge accomplished!

Insulcon recently completed a nice and challenging project combining several products of Insulcon, namely a vacuum formed part, insulation blankets and refractory coating

It involved a burner lid for a valued customer that needed to be placed on a new furnace to slowly heat it up to the application temperature (1200°C). This will take about a week.

For this project, there were several requirements to take into account:

  • Temperature; the temperature on the outside had to be reduced to less than 65°C.
  • Type of fibres; ceramic fibres were not allowed in the application, so low bio-persistent Insulfrax® fibres were selected.
  • Weight; the traditional way of insulation would make the lid too heavy for the application, therefore our solution was chosen too.

With this information, our team of specialists came up with the following solution. We produced a vacuum formed burner block and installed it in the burner lid, encasing it firm with Insulfrax® 1300 HT insulation blankets for a secure seal. We coated this lining with Insulcoat 1450 to make it even more resistant to high temperature and wear. This solution met all requirements and was fully done at the production facility of Insulcon.

All in all, a challenge successfully accomplished once again. Thanks to our dedicated colleagues who created a tailor-made solution for our customer!

Burner block made by Insulcon Encasing the vacuum formed burner block with insulation blankets Finished burner lid with refractory coating

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