Increase efficiency and save energy with Insulcoat 1260 RFL!

For brick plants to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions, Insulcon has gathered a complete package of specific products and services, including Insulcoat 1260 RFL, a coating specifically developed for tunnel kiln walls.

Less dropout

The high reflective effect of the coating reduces heat loss and gives a more homogeneous heating of the bricks. As a result, the quality of the bricks on the outside of the wagons improves considerably. Therefore less drop-out!

The advantage of Insulcoat 1260 RFL in a tunnel kiln

Technical data of Insulcoat 1260 RFL

Insulcoat 1260 RFL, based on mullite, is a refractory coating designed primarily for coating of oven walls. Insulcoat 1260 RFL does not contain ceramic fibres and when fired above 800° Insulcoat 1260 RFL forms a tough 'eggshell' like finish that:

  • Encapsulates refractory surfaces;
  • Protects "hot zones" from airborne dust / contamination;
  • Is wear-resistant;
  • Is chemically inert and chemically resistant;
  • Protects refractory linings and thus extends their service life;
  • Has a very high energy-reflecting effect, which in turn leads to energy savings.

Our specialists

Our specialists can quickly apply the coating to the walls in the "hot zone" for you with a high pressure spray gun or brush. This coating can be used on several refractory walls such as (insulating) fire bricks, fibre linings and mortar, both on new and existing linings (if in good condition).

Insulcoat 1260 RFL applied in the tunnel kiln of brick plant De Rijswaard (Netherlands).








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