The best insulation for your furnace!

Do you have the right insulation in your industrial furnace? 

Having the right insulation in an industrial furnace is crucial. After all, it affects a constant operating process, resulting in an optimal and qualitative production output. A furnace such as ammonia & hydrogen reformers, melting furnaces, ceramic- and tunnel furnaces, is a big consumer of energy, and to take care of its insulation properly, you can save costs by reducing this consumption where possible.

Insulcon supplies a delivery program with thermal insulation products for industrial furnaces. We have several production- and conversion plants, we are highly equipped to produce tailor-made products. We have been doing this since 1980 and we deliver worldwide!

A selection of our delivery program “high temperature resistant insulation in industrial furnaces”:

Industrial textiles and gaskets up to 1400°C

These include texile ropes, packings and several other gaskets, such as furnace doors seals and flange connections, Wearflex® flexible quilted sleeves, tube seals, telescopic seals and other sealings to seal furnace passages. 

High Temperature Textile sealing rope in an aluminium launder

Fibre module systems up to 1600°C

Fibre modules specifically designed to meet the thermal insulation requirements of industrial furnaces. We offer these lightweight, high-temperature resistant prefabricated modules and assist in engineering the appropriate materials and installation procedure.

Fibre modules

Heatshields up to 1370°C

In case of excessive radiant heat or overheated areas in your stove, we have special, flexible Refrex® and Wearflex® customized heatshields. Our Refrex® hieldshields can reflect as much as 60% of radiant heat!

Refrex 1400 heatshield

Insulvac® vacuum peepholes up to 1600°C

Our production facility in Steenbergen (the Netherlands) produces a wide range of Insulvac® vacuum formed products with high-quality refractory fibres, including complex shapes such as peepholes for your furnace. Important advantages of this solution are its low weight, low thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance.

Vacuum formed peephole

Curious about more heat resistant solutions for your industrial furnace? Look at our website or contact one of our specialists.
In addition to the above products, we also support our partners with our technical services such as hot endoscopy inspection, hot spot repair, engineering, installation and supervision. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
In short, we would like to work with you, to provide you the best solution in insulation and to get the most out of your production processes.

Interested in more details of this case study, our solutions and curious what will be your savings? Please contact us!

Also check on our special Wearflex® website.



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